Travel is the only thing you can buy that will make you richer.



But dam accurate.

So go get to it. And while you're at it hit up Iceland.

Iceland is one of my top favorite places I have ever been to.

Hands down.

Most people don't even consider Iceland when they think of where they want to go next. I was one of them. So how did I pick Iceland?

I saw an ad for a new airline, WOW airlines, which was offering peasant friendly flight prices to the land of Ice.


When I saw an affordable flight to another country I thought 2 things:

  1. Where is Iceland? 2. Who cares, take the "fuck it pill."

One wise man taught me something that I will cherish forever. He told me in life you just have to take the "fuck it pill". If you think something is crazy, do it. If you think something might be a little too expensive, do it. Life is about experiences and at the end of it money is just money. Life experiences are gold.
Unless you really have $0 to your name then don't. Because homelessness.



Day 1: 

I caught a direct flight from San Francisco to Reykjavik, Iceland.

WOW airlines is pretty great if you don't plan on bringing luggage and not drinking or eating on the flight.

My checked luggage was an additional $70.

You had to pay for everything. Including the water.


The airplane and color scheme is bright purple so that was cool.

Day 2:

I arrived in Iceland around 6am and found my way to the hostel. If you
plan on going, stay in the Loft Hostel.

The jet lag was real. I didn't know what to do for the 36 hours I had till my friend met me. Luckily, I made a friend on the flight.

The craziest part is we ended up running into each other at my hostel and decided we should go eat shark together.

                 View from the airplane 

                View from the airplane 

Day 3:

My friend Anita and I found ourselves on an adventure of the south side of the island. Check it out! 


Day 4: 

We then found ourselves on the Golden Circle tour.

Out of the two tours I would recommend trying to do both if you can. If you only have time for one I would recommend touring the southern island.  

After exploring all day we decided to go out. 

During the summer Iceland only experiences around 2 hours of darkness.  If you didn't know. Now you do. 

Pros of no darkness: You have much longer days

Cons: You can only see the northern lights during the winter months. 

P.S. The third photo to the right is fermented shark. We also ate puffin. 

Yes. I am a terrible person. 


Day 5: 

One of the highlights of my trip was getting to snorkel between the North American & Eurasian tectonic plates.

My face went numb it was so cold. 

Worth it? 

I guess just look at the pictures.

After snorkeling we finished off the day by checking out the blue lagoon. 

This place is a huge tourist trap. 

But, one of the best tourist traps. 

Seriously, go here. 

At the blue lagoon we made a friend. His name is Steve. Steve is cool. Steve gave us a ride back to the Reykjavik.

On the way back we decided to take a random detour.